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When considering the needs of your warehouse operations, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the groundwork. However, the importance of your flooring solutions is crucial as it supports the entirety of warehousing and supply. Urbanac Surfaces Pro provides expertise in warehouse industry flooring solutions to those in South Florida.

Urbanac Surfaces Pro understands the intricacies of protective flooring and aims to make the selection process easy to comprehend. While restorative and high-impact surface options are abundant, they differ substantially in performance, appearance, and maintenance. We have selected the most common types of warehouse industry flooring to give you a clear overview of what to look for when considering installation.

Common Types of Warehouse Flooring

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is a very popular flooring option with warehouses and factories for its durable and long-standing qualities. In addition,  polished concrete offers great waterproofing and antibacterial properties are perfect for the crowded areas that often encompass the warehouse industry. 

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a type of sealant that goes over the concrete to achieve a variety of color selections. This option is ideal for warehouses that need a professional and polished appearance while supplying a functional work area. If you want to enhance your work environment’s aesthetics while getting the job done, consider Urbanac Surfaces Pro for your industry’s needs. 

Epoxy Flooring

The most popular choice in the warehouse industry is epoxy floor coatings, which act as a durable and protective coating for your concrete floor. Its high durability and means of absorbing intense weight make it the optimal choice for labor-intensive flooring. In addition, the chemical bond between epoxy resin and hardener is excellent for restoring a healthy concrete floor.

Durable and Protective Concrete Floors for Warehouse Facilities

Warehouses see constant movement, and there’s little time for floor maintenance or repairs. They need flooring that can withstand the pressure of countless workers, vehicles, and containers. Urbanac Surfaces Pro is proud to provide slip-resistant, easy-to-clean flooring that will hold up under the toughest conditions at any point along the supply chain.

Warehouse Concrete Floor Coating Solutions

Whatever your storage facility needs, Urbanac Surfaces Pro has the right flooring option for you. With our expert floor installation, you can worry about what matters most: getting your goods and services to those who need them. Top-notch flooring provides peace of mind, and we’re happy to bring that to the warehouse industry.

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Urbanac Surfaces Pro is proud to serve South Florida and its surrounding areas. Our licensed and insured flooring technicians take special care to protect your business every step of the way. Additionally, we specialize in complete floor restoration for those looking to upgrade their current flooring system.

Your warehouse industry business needs reliable construction that can endure the weight of day-to-day maintenance, no matter how large that may be. Urbanac Surfaces Pro provides customized flooring solutions for all warehouse facilities. Contact us today at (305) 462-7557 for a free quote.

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I want to recommend to anyone who needs Urbanac surfaces Pro service’s, they are always on time, they work till the last detail, very professional.
The garage floor looks perfect, we are very happy with the results and the company. Thank you guys!


Romi Alma

Great team, very professional and knowledgeable. My floors were brought back to life and I’m extremely satisfied. Will recommend to everybody.


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The team at Urbanac was very knowledgeable and professional. They restored my terrazzo floors and brought them back to life ! They look amazing now! Great service, Thank you!


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