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Leading Industrial MMA Flooring in Miami, FL

✓ Available in a wide variety of colors and styles
✓ Extremely durable and versatile flooring
✓ Ideal for low temperature environments

Why Choose Methyl Methacrylate Flooring System for Your Miami Business?

If you’re looking for the best MMA flooring in South Florida, call us at Urbanac Surfaces Pro. We offer high-quality and cost-efficient methyl methacrylate coatings that can cover all types of concrete surfaces and floor systems

We can also install slip-resistant and aesthetic additives to make your concrete floors safer and more eye-pleasing than metallic epoxy resin-coated showrooms.


Best Types of MMA Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Floors

At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we proudly install MMA flooring in South Florida for multiple industries.

Food Processing

MMA flooring is the most cost-efficient option for businesses that operate in cold and sensitive environments, like food and beverage and chemical manufacturing. MMA flooring features high tolerances for chemical spills, foot traffic, and moisture.


Guests are the lifeblood of restaurants and hotels. As foot traffic increases, so does their revenue potential. Our technicians at Urbanac Surfaces Pro help many Florida hotels look welcoming and brand-new with MMA flooring that can be installed in as fast as two days.


MMA coatings preserve retail floors by making them highly resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains. We can make your retail areas look new for longer, preventing unsightly cracks and discoloration from heavy foot traffic.


Our MMA flooring provides excellent static dissipation, corrosive chemical resistance, and bacteriostatic properties, making it ideal for sensitive lab areas where cleanliness and safety are paramount. We also help business owners adhere to hygiene and structural standards while providing a safe workplace for their employees.


We can install anti-moisture and anti-slip additives to make hospitals better places for patients to heal. MMA floors withstand years of heavy foot and wheel traffic, making them perfect for outpatient clinics, hospitals, and birth centers.

Miami Methyl Methacrylate Epoxy Flooring Installation Excellence

  • Our planners and technicians inspect your concrete floors and determine whether MMA is right for them.
  • We conduct further analyses on the results of relative humidity, contamination, and calcium chloride tests.
  • We use jackhammers, diamond grinders, chipping guns, and degreasers to prepare your floor for coating installation.
  • We install a variation of an MMA floor by troweling and screeding it and then rolling it onto concrete.
  • We add your agreed-upon additives.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MMA Flooring

MMA resins can dry in under two hours in temperatures as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit if an area is well-ventilated.

MMA gives you twice the chemical resistance and compressive strength of epoxy.

Our process for MMA flooring in South Florida starts with an initial consultation. Once we gather the necessary information, we work using the highest quality equipment and materials.

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