Seamless Flooring Solutions For Commercial & Industrial Facilities

High-Quality Epoxy Flakes Flooring in Miami, FL

✓ Adds a protective layer to concrete surfaces
✓ Reduces surface wear and tear
✓ Prevents staining and fading

Custom and Unique Epoxy Flake Coatings for Commercial and Industrial Floors

As the leading epoxy flake floor coating contractor in South Florida, Urbanac Surfaces Pro has flooring solutions that will impress clients. We can transform your plain concrete floor by creating a custom showroom finish that is durable and highly functional.

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As your epoxy flake floor coating contractor, we have the experience to create a one-of-a-kind look for your business. Why opt for dull concrete when you can incorporate a variety of colors to elevate the aesthetics of your floors?

Not only that but epoxy floor coatings are ideal for your concrete surface because they’re:

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Customizable
  • Highly functional
  • Simple to clean

Trust Urbanac for Superior Garage Floor Flakes and Commercial Flooring Applications

The beauty of these epoxy floor coatings is that they’re functional in most environments. Adding a urethane topcoat makes them virtually indestructible. 


Warehouses benefit from this surface’s waterproof, chemical, and heat resistance properties. The epoxy is non-porous and so very easy to clean.  


Restrooms must maintain high sanitary standards. As your reliable epoxy flake floor coating contractor in South Florida, we’ll assist you in finding the best combination of chips for your floors. Plus the epoxy top coat is anti microbial. 


A plain concrete surface may seem too cold and clinical outside an edgy, industrial design, up the style quotient with epoxy flakes that may include quartz and mica for extra pizazz.


Cafeterias get lots of spills and traffic on a daily basis. Epoxy flakes are extremely durable for high traffic areas. Plus they are stain resistant and super easy to clean. 


There is very little that the epoxy flake floor coating contractor cannot accomplish with this versatile medium. Speak to us today and determine if the sealant will work for your business.

Our Proven Flake Flooring Installation Techniques Near You in Miami

  • Contact us to discuss your project
  • One of our industrial specialists will perform an on-site inspection
  • They will make recommendations and provide a free estimate
  • We then set up an installation date at your convenience
  • Our team comes in on the day and completes the job on time and within budget

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Urbanac Surfaces Pro is a leading commercial epoxy contractor in South Florida because of our commitment to quality and outstanding service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flakes Flooring

This depends on the type of epoxy and how well you install it. However, it will usually not chip easily. You can further ensure durability by adding a top coat to prevent brittleness due to sun exposure.

No, it doesn’t scratch easily, especially not with a high-performance topcoat.

Urethane epoxy has hardeners within it to further protect against scratching. As the premier epoxy chip floor coating contractor in South Florida, we always recommend using a urethane topcoat.

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