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Parking lots and garages are one of the most necessary parts of the travel industry. These spaces house motor vehicles for safekeeping while offering a seamless traffic flow to keep patrons coming and going. When considering flooring options for parking garages and lots in South Florida, Urbanac Surfaces Pro has the experience your parking facility needs. Call today to learn how we can help you.

Durable and Protective Concrete Floors for Parking Garage Lots

When considering the suitable surface covering for your parking garage, you want to ensure that your options are sturdy enough to handle the heavyweight of many cars per day. Additionally, you need the surface to be easy to maintain for durability. At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we serve many sectors of the parking garage and parking lot industry, including:

  • Airport parking
  • Bus storage facilities
  • Apartment parking lots
  • Business and street garages
  • Commercial parking lots

Your parking facility deserves quality flooring for an optimal driving and walking experience. The proper ground covering ensures that day-to-day traffic does not excessively wear down the integrity of your parking lot or garage.

Parking Garages Concrete Floor Coating Solutions


Ramps are surfaces that incline to assist motor vehicles and people traveling from level to level in a parking garage. A sturdy ramp should slope for seamless movement and gentle incline while supporting thousands of tons of weight. Urbanac Surfaces Pros has a variety of options for ramps.  

Our polished concrete and epoxy-coated flooring systems are popular solutions for ramps in the parking garage and parking lot industry. These options support the high foot and vehicle traffic while sealing out factors that erode the infrastructure with continued use. Some examples of popular ramps we service include:

  • Enter and exit ramps
  • Double helix parking garages
  • Parking garage speed ramps
  • Small service ramps for wheelchair and stroller assistance
  • Circular parking garage ramps

Parking Stalls

A well-designed parking space is the hallmark of every garage and lot. All operating parking lots have a series of parking stalls that acts as a holding space for all cars and motor vehicles. You’ll want your parking stalls to have ample room for movement but still be compact enough to house as many vehicles as possible.

If your parking facilities floor requires restoration or a fresh installation, Urbanac Surface Pros will get the job done. Our flooring solutions contain chemical combination traffic-bearing membranes that withstand lingering weight, repeal long-term deterioration, and seal out moisture. These options are ideal for parking lots that support motor vehicles for multiple hours.

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Urbanac Surfaces Pro serves Miami-Dade County and South Florida areas. We continuously use our vast experience in the parking garages and parking lot industry to work with some of the top commercial brands in South Florida.

If you’re looking for a long-term and quality treatment for your parking facility, contact Urbanac Surfaces Pro today. Our licensed and insured experts are always on call to help you select the best option for your business. For a free quote, call (305) 462-7557 today!

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