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The transportation industry is potentially the most significant component of society for its ability to connect all walks of life. For that reason, flooring in the transportation infrastructure must be durable and supportive of the endless heavy demands. For transportation companies in South Florida in need of a surface area worthy of their fleet, Urbanac Surfaces Pro , is one call away.

Durable and Protective Concrete Floors for Transportation Facilities

The vehicular strain on ground-level coatings takes a toll over time, especially with outdated or improper flooring. A decaying surface level can cause catastrophic issues for all levels of the logistic industry, including damages that can lead to car accidents. Proper flooring avoids issues that create more extensive problems in the long run and is vital for all transportation services. At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we provide flooring that can withstand the pressure and wear of such highly-trafficked areas as transportation hubs. Our floors require little maintenance, allowing employees and patrons to focus on getting where they need to go.

Transportation Concrete Floor Coating Solutions

Parking Garages

Parking garages house hundreds of cars daily and must offer a cohesive traffic flow. A standard option for most parking lots and garages includes a concrete coating, which makes for safe, clean, dependable driving and walking. The coating is applied to the entire surface area of a parking garage, including ramps, walkways, and parking spaces.

Airport Terminals

Airport terminals are a tremendous asset to the transportation industry and incur thousands of pounds of daily foot traffic. As the primary holding area for flight passengers, flooring should be smooth enough for easy walking and daily sanitizing. These floors additionally support access to wheeled items such as:

  • Suitcases and luggage
  • Wheelchairs
  • Strollers
  • Airport service vehicles

Airport terminals additionally service the truck industry for loading and transporting distributed goods. As a result, an uneven tarmac or loading bay may cause damage to cargo moving from truck to aircraft. For that reason, you’ll want to ensure that your ground surface options are smooth.

Train Stations

A train station serves as a port for running trains, holding passengers and cargo awaiting transportation. These areas are typically a hybrid of indoor and outdoor spaces, meaning that elemental damage is more likely to occur. A nonslip option, like Polycrete, decreases the likelihood of an accident and is easy to maintain. 

Bus Terminals

While awaiting the arrival of a bus service, your passengers will have to wait in a bus terminal. These holding facilities typically include seating and standing areas that fill and empty multiple times a day. Resin-based floor coatings like epoxy are great for keeping up appearances while maintaining the bus station’s cleanliness.

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Urbanac Surfaces Pro provides vast flooring options to all transportation industry sectors, whether you are serving a supply chain or independently operating in the logistics industry. Our licensed and certified technicians are always on standby to assist with any questions about selection, restoration, or installation you may have. Turnaround times are fast and reliable to ensure your business continues without interruption.

Urbanac Surfaces Pro serves South Florida, concentrating on industrial services. We specialize in concrete flooring and coatings. Call today at (305) 462-7557 for a free quote!

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