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Commercial concrete floor coatings in Miami & South Florida

✓ Wide variety of colors and textures to choose from
✓ Resistant to staining, fading, and weathering
✓ Slip-resistant and easy to maintain

Commercial Concrete Flooring Leaders in Miami

Concrete coatings are necessary to prevent any damage to a concrete surface. The coatings protect your floor from stains, corrosion, marks, and more. In addition, the durable coating will help you save money and make your business look more polished and clean.

An epoxy floor offers easy maintenance and slip resistance. As a result, you can create a space that matches your preferred aesthetic look while prolonging the life of your concrete floor.

At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, our professional technicians will help you with your South Florida concrete coating project. Rely on experts with the proper experience, equipment, and knowledge to get top-quality work done.

Best Types of Concrete Coating Applications

You can apply concrete coatings or have concrete polishing done to any area. For example, you can get coatings for pool decks, school floors, etc.

Parking Lots

Give your concrete parking lot a facelift and prolong its lifespan with a stain-resistant concrete coating.

Parking Garages

Protect concrete floors from hot tires, oil spills, and skid marks.


Keep restrooms clean and safe with water-resistant, non slip concrete coatings.

Commercial Kitchens

Protect kitchen floors from stains, wear and tear from foot traffic, and cracks due to heavy machinery or dropped tools.

Pool Decks

Get a coating that can withstand scorching summer weather and provide a safe, slip-free surface.

Miami Commercial Concrete Flooring Installation Excellence

If you need to prolong the life of your concrete floors, count on our coating system to achieve what you want! Our commercial & industrial floor coatings are a great alternative to our Miami concrete polishing services.

Here’s how easy it is to work with us:

  1. Contact us to discuss your project: Discuss and ask questions with our team to get better and new floors.
  2. Design your dream concrete floors: Our Florida concrete coating services lets you choose the base color, accent colors, and finish of your floor.
  3. Enjoy your concrete coating: Your new floor will wow your customers and last for years!

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At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, you can get a free quote when you call us at 305-462-7557. We guarantee that with our assistance and experience, you can get the best concrete coating in South Florida.

Why Choose a Concrete Coating Contractor Near You in Miami?

Urbanac Surfaces Pro provides professional concrete coatings in South Florida. Our services help protect your floors from staining, chipping, and other damage. We are passionate about helping you with all of your concrete coating needs.

Our services are for industrial and commercial facilities. We pride ourselves on answering any questions and concerns you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Coating

You can clean the coating with regular mopping, steaming, and sweeping.

Epoxy coatings work well for industrial spaces, garages, and store floors.

Depending on the type of coating used, epoxy floors will need about 12 to 18 hours to cure. However, waiting 24 to 73 hours is the best way to ensure a complete cure.

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