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✓ Breathe new life into old, outdated concrete surfaces
✓ Affordable concrete repair solution
✓ Aesthetically pleasing

Benefits of Our Commercial Concrete Resurfacing in Miami

As durable as concrete is, it isn’t impervious to degradation from harsh elements and exposure to chemicals. Bring your concrete surfaces like driveways, walkways, and interior floors to life again with concrete resurfacing.

Urbanac Surfaces Pro specializes in concrete resurfacing in South Florida and concrete coating overlays. Call us today at 305-462-7557 for a free quote.

A concrete slab might look indestructible, but it’s not. Cement-based surfaces crack over time due to weather, pollutants, and other factors. After a while, it becomes unattractive and unsafe.

Resurfacing and sealing your concrete protects it from damage, corrosion, and staining. Over time, without sealing, these things build up and are difficult to clean. Concrete resurfacing can provide a new look without needing to replace the entire slab. Better yet, concrete sealing offers protection from the elements.

Repair concrete without having to tear out and replace it

This is one of the most significant advantages of concrete resurfacing—you can salvage old concrete. Resurfacing your existing floor allows you to create beautiful new designs and breathe new life into old concrete. You can create durable designs that won’t crack or wear out.

Change the overall look and aesthetics of your commercial property

Create a custom look for your property. Do you want a logo designed on the concrete surface? Our Urbanac Surfaces Pro team can create rich designs that look like marble or granite when we resurface. You’ll be amazed at the creative, beautiful designs we can create by concrete resurfacing.

Create a durable non-slip, fade-resistant surface

You can choose from a variety of different finishes for your concrete surface. For example, epoxy is a coating known for its weather resistance and non-slip surface. This makes your concrete surface beautiful and much safer for visitors to navigate.

At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we specialize in commercial concrete resurfacing services in Miami, FL. Our team is equipped with the expertise and advanced techniques to repair and restore the integrity of your concrete surfaces. With our filler crack repair solutions, we can effectively address cracks and prevent further damage, ensuring the longevity and durability of your commercial spaces.

Proper joint filling is crucial for maintaining the stability and functionality of your concrete surfaces. Our team is skilled in providing high-quality joints filler services, effectively sealing gaps and preventing moisture penetration. By ensuring seamless joints, we help protect your concrete from potential damage caused by expansion, contraction, and environmental factors.
Concrete slab joints play a vital role in allowing movement and accommodating stress in commercial structures. Our concrete resurfacing services include expert treatment of concrete slab joints to enhance their strength and flexibility. With our knowledge of the latest techniques and materials, we ensure that your concrete slabs can withstand heavy loads, temperature fluctuations, and other environmental challenges.
As a leading provider of commercial concrete resurfacing in Miami, we utilize advanced point filler polymer solutions. Our point filler polymer is specially formulated to deliver exceptional adhesion, flexibility, and durability. By using this innovative material, we can effectively fill gaps, cracks, and voids in your concrete surfaces, resulting in long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results.
Polyurethane joints offer superior sealing and protection for your commercial concrete surfaces. We specialize in polyurethane joint filling, providing a durable and flexible solution that effectively prevents water infiltration, chemical damage, and structural problems. Our team ensures precise application, resulting in well-sealed and protected joints that enhance the overall performance and longevity of your concrete.

Miami Commercial Concrete Resurfacing Service Installation Process

  • Contact us to discuss your project. We can use a variety of methods in the concrete surfacing process. We will work with you to provide a stunning design that meets your expectations.

  • Enjoy your newly resurfaced floors. We will get the job in a timely fashion, so you can sit back, relax, and revel in your beautiful new surface.

  • Discuss the type of resurfacing. We will go over the different options and decide which concrete resurfacing method makes the most sense for your commercial project.

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Why Choose Urbanac for Your Miami Commercial and Industrial Concrete Floor Resurfacing Needs?

At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we specialize in commercial concrete resurfacing services in Miami, FL. Our team is equipped with the expertise and advanced techniques to repair and restore the integrity of your concrete surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Resurfacing

Absolutely! Resurfaced material is easier to power wash.

Concrete resurfacing can last a long time—up to about 20 years for professionally installed resurfaced material.

For color options, we can use colored or water-based stains and dyes, metallic epoxy, tinted sealers, or a combination of different methods and products to create a truly unique look. We enjoy going through the creative process with you.

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