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The Best Floor Demolition Services In South Florida

Are you in need of commercial concrete floor demolition services in Miami & South Florida? Reach out to Urbanac Surfaces Pro at 305-462-7557 today!

While many believe demolishing concrete floors is easy, its risks make it extremely dangerous. Fortunately, at Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we have a team of tile removal & floor demolition contractors with the equipment, training, and experience needed to provide safe and effective flooring removal services.

Urbanac Surfaces Pro’s Floor Demolition Process

Concrete floor demolition requires a specific set of tools and skills. With more than ten years in the business, we have perfected our demolition process, implementing an approach that guarantees the utmost efficiency.

Our flooring demolition process involves the following:

  • Removal of flooring surfaces and the thin mortar under the concrete slab
  • Grinding of the concrete subfloor
  • Cleanup and removal of dirt, debris, and dust

Types of Floor We Remove and Demolish

Besides a streamlined process, our expertise and experience allow us to remove and demolish different types of commercial or industrial flooring, including:

  • Ceramic Tile Removal
  • Porcelain Tile Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Wood Floor Removal
  • Vinyl Floor Removal
  • Laminate Floor Removal
  • Epoxy Floor Removal
  • Mortar Removal

Our services leave your property with clean concrete floors, ready to install a new flooring system.

How We Protect Your Property During the Demolition Process

Our concrete floor demolition process is not only fast, effective, and affordable, but it is also safe and eco-friendly.

We go out of our way to ensure we protect your property throughout the process by removing furniture or covering up irremovable items. In addition, we prevent dust and other allergens from piling up on your property.

If that wasn’t enough, since our process does not involve the use of chemicals, you are safe from property damage due to exposure to fumes or the corrosive nature of chemical solvents.

We are a leading industrial and commercial flooring company serving Miami and South Florida industries and businesses for over ten years. Our team has the expertise, experience, and resources to handle any concrete floor demolition project.

Call us today at 305-462-7557 for professional concrete floor demolition.

How It Works

You can complete your flooring demolition project successfully in three simple steps.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Project

Reach out to us to discuss your project and receive a free consultation. We will even send a technician to your business to evaluate the project’s scope.

Get Your Floor Demolished and Back in Shape

Using commercial-grade equipment, we perform the demolition and grinders to make the floor smooth before cleaning the area and removing the dirt and debris.

Enjoy Your New Concrete Surface

Upon completion, we leave your property with a new, clean, smooth concrete surface you can enjoy.

Get a Free Floor Demolition Cost Estimate Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Floor Demolition

We recycle, salvage, or reuse most of the materials.

If the concrete slab is salvageable, our team can repair the surface.

Demolition costs depend on the size of the project.

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