Seamless Flooring Solutions For Commercial & Industrial Facilities


✓ Prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating the surface
✓ Protects your floors against wear and tear
✓ Tough durable flooring solution

Advantages of Our Heavy Traffic Coatings

Heavy traffic coatings waterproof and protect various commercial and industrial concrete surfaces. With the help of the Urbanac Surfaces Pro team, these products render the underlying surface impervious to harm and improve its overall lifespan.

Please speak to our team about the ideal floor solution for your business’s unique needs.

When it comes to high-use areas and floors, Urbanac Surfaces Pro’s heavy traffic coating in South Florida:

  • Improves the lifespan of your surfaces
  • Waterproof
  • Prevents staining
  • Helps polished concrete retain its luster
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Protects against everyday wear and tear due to the impact of vehicles
  • Provides protection against UV ray damage from the sun.
  • Provides exceptional traction and slip-resistance

 The product type depends on your specific needs, so we visit the site to learn more about what these are and how heavy traffic coating in South Florida can benefit you.

Best Types of Heavy Traffic Coating Applications

Parking Garage

High traffic coatings that include elongated fibers are ideally suited for parking garages. The threads strengthen the sealant and prevent the pressure from transferring into the substrate.

With less stress on the supportive structure, your concrete floor will last longer, and so will the building.


Ramps take much strain, whether for loading or off-loading cargo, as access points to buildings or as part of a traffic system. Heavy traffic coatings from Urbanac Surfaces Pro improve safety on your ramp by increasing traction.


Decks are usually high-traffic areas and face a constant onslaught from the elements. The UV protectant within the sealant prevents fading while the product waterproofs the deck and protects it from chemical spills and other corrosive effects.

How to get a Heavy Traffic Coating in your commercial & industrial floor?

Contact us to schedule your free site visit from an Urbanac Surfaces Pro installation specialist.

  • Our team members will discuss the benefits of using a high-traffic coating, recommend the best option for your needs, and provide a comprehensive estimate
  • Our specialist then schedules the appropriate time and date for the project at your convenience
  • Our team moves in and prepares the floor
  • They lay the membrane and then apply the coating layer

The membrane waterproofs the floor, and the sealant provides additional protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Waterproof Traffic Coating

The elongated fibers protect against extreme pressure, preventing cracks in the substrate. The waterproofing prevents water damage and saltwater corrosion on the coast. The tough layer with UV protection guards against the elements.

Laying the membrane without damaging or wrinkling it and then getting a clean, even finish with the resinous layer is challenging. In theory, it’s a simple process but a lot more demanding in practice. Therefore, it’s best to leave these commercial projects to experts in heavy traffic coating in South Florida.

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