Flooring Solutions for Aviation Facilities

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At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we deliver high-performance and advanced flooring systems for the aviation industry.

Our professional waterproofing and coating techniques give your floor superior chemical resistance, making it better and safer to work on. Our flooring systems withstand long periods of high temperatures and conditions with minimal damage.

If you are looking for safety-conscious and reliable flooring installers for your aerospace facility, reach out to Urbanac Surfaces Pro.

Durable and Protective Concrete Floors for Aviation Facilities

Beyond great aesthetics, Urbanac Surfaces Pro guarantees you the benefit of safety and durability.

Our expertly installed chemically resistant flooring systems are not affected by dripping aviation fuel and other potentially damaging liquids. They also contain antimicrobial additives to minimize contamination and offer better traction to reduce slipping that may lead to severe injuries.

The coatings in our flooring systems offer maximum abrasion resistance to withstand heavy foot and machine traffic throughout the airport or hangar. They also provide superb compressive strength to bear the weight of airplanes and other equipment. 

At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we offer a wide range of flooring solutions, including Epoxy Urethane Flooring,  Concrete Sealing, Stained Concrete, Concrete Polishing, Epoxy Floor Coatings and more. 

Below is a list of common aviation sector spaces and the few solutions we can offer you.

Terminals and Concourses

People often use these terms interchangeably depending on the airport. Terminals and concourses serve airports by allowing thousands of travelers access to airport facilities. Therefore, specialized flooring is essential.

At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we offer epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floor coating is a special resin that helps safeguard the structural integrity of floor slabs. The coating imparts extra compressive strength to flooring systems and requires little maintenance.

Loading Docks

Loading docks in the airline industry require specialized flooring systems, too. Their flooring should be durable, impact-resistant, slip-resistant, and chemical-resistant. At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we use Flex-Shield, Tek-Crete SLB, and Cheminert HD to achieve that level of protection.

Maintenance and Repair Hangars

Concrete floors are pretty standard for maintenance and repair hangars. However, bare concrete floors are disruptive since they quickly soak up solvents, jet fuels, and other aircraft fluids, leading to accidents or expensive repairs.

At Urbanac Surfaces Pro, we deliver value by recommending and installing unique hangar flooring systems that are durable, impact-resistant, easy to clean, and bright.

A urethane cement flooring system for hangars is one example of such a system. It combines a binder, standard cement, and an aggregate for a nonporous, chemical-resistant finish.

Mechanical Equipment Rooms

Urbanac Surfaces Pro offers aircraft manufacturers durable, slip-resistant, and heavy-duty surfaces suitable for mechanical equipment rooms.

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Urbanac Surfaces Pro has provided aircraft manufacturing companies with reliable industrial coating and flooring solutions for their hangars. We also offer customized flooring systems. We are the ideal team for your aviation industry needs.

Schedule a free assessment for your hangar or airport today and experience quality and professionalism from start to finish. Please stay in the loop by talking to our expert aviation industry team at 305-462-7557 and get a free quote.

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