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Terrazzo Flooring Contractor in Miami, FL

There is nothing quite like the timeless beauty of Terrazzo. Used for thousands of years throughout the world it is a product that is unique, durable and a pleasure to maintain.

A mixture of cement, marble aggregates and pigments, terrazzo can either be made into precast elements or poured on site insitu. Polished, honed or brushed terrazzo can be tailored to suit a wide range of tastes and interiors.

The uses of terrazzo are limited only by your imagination. Precast elements such as terrazzo tiles, toilet and shower partitions, steps and risers and public furniture can be manufactured in the factory to exacting standards and beautiful finishes. Insitu terrazzo is where the terrazzo is poured on site the traditional way giving a stunning floor that will outlast the building in which it is placed. Australian quarried, manufactured and installed

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