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Marble Polishing Contractor in Miami, FL

Marble needs to be polished if fine scratches, etches or topical stains appear on the surface. Polishing will eliminate those scratches, most etch marks, stains and dull spots. For deeper scratches and damages the marble grinding will be necessary.Marble polishing with industrial diamond pads is the most efficient method for marble surface restoration. This method allows refinishing a stone with successively finer pads to bring back a shine. Progress can be easy if followed by the complete series of pads.Marble polishing is part of the full restoration process, although in some cases it can be enough to complete entire restoration.

Lippage of stone tile edges has become an increasingly contentious issue in the tile industry. Yet interestingly enough, tile contractors and owners rarely discuss the owner’s expectations and the practical realities of construction facing the tile contractor in advance of construction. For owners, a stone flooris synonymous with a luxurious, continuous, and very flat surface Lippage – Causes and Prevention Lippage of tile and stone installations is increasingly becoming a highly contentious issue in the industry. Often times, expectations far exceed the physical abilities of the tile or stone, or the physical characteristics of the surface on which the tile or stone will be installed to provide for a perfect installation.

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