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The Shinningflat Floor System is a kind of hardened concrete floor formed by chemical hardening and mechanical grinding, which is featured with dense surface, clear texture, and no sand no dust. It can be divided into three areas, industry, commerce and art. It’s widely used in warehouse, logistics, factory buildings, parking lots, supermarkets, hospitals, school parks, leisure places and other places. Shinningflat floor is not only beautiful, luxurious, dustless, but also durable, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

Some of the advantages of this system are: 

– Enviromental protection
– Antifouling & Waterproof
– Long service lifespan
– Easy maintance
– Aesthetic & Luxurious

We are equipped with unique machines that allow us to get the job done efficiently and of high quality. As these are the only machines of their kind in Florida, they provide benefits such as:

– Improve working efficiency and grinding precision.
– Certain speed cruise can make more uniform effects
– Equiped with floating dust cover and industrial vacuum
– Work on slopes easily and endurance without power supply

Are you interested in this new service with high quality? Contact us and get your free estimate!

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